Prepare Metamask for Bapes NFT mint on Polygon


The Process

The Steps

search “polygon metamask setup” and find the official documentation link
Click the pretty circle
Click “Settings”
Click “Networks”
Click “Add Network”
The Official Polygon Documentation for Wallet Setup and Configuration
A correctly filled out “Add Network” page for adding Polygon to Metamask as a “Custom RPC”

A few helpful tips and reminders:

Metamask is reading the Polygon Chain. Click that button to switch back to the Ethereum chain. And if you like to organize your funds and NFT’s into different wallets, be sure to click the little colorful circle to choose the right address. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll be trying to find your money on the wrong wallet on the wrong chain. That’s annoying until you figure out what you’re doing wrong!
I like having the “test networks” hidden for the clean and simple look.



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